rear of westbourne park bus garage
grand union canal, london

featuring, for a limited time only, an abandoned ceramic toilet and car wheel

for me, this is as good as it gets

black paint
white paint
and bricks

and that’s it.
everything about it works.

the canalside location – part of the city, apart from the city
the size and shape of the wall
the size and shape of the letters
the colours, the lack of colours
the bricks
the barefaced rollerpaint swag

even the smaller, lower-down pieces like fawning courtiers seeking favour at the feet of the royals:
king | queen | jack | joker!

just imagine how fucking boring it’d be as a big bare wall of unblemished red bricks

and to say that this thing is my thing
is not to say that i don’t appreciate other graffiti styles, y’know

bubbles popping 
psychedelic colours
dripping, languid swirls
wickedly funny wordplay
intricate, delicate wildstyle

but this shit speaks a language
that my soul somehow understands

my soul is simple
my soul is one word (plus punctuation)
my soul is big 
and bold