hand signs

I knew the alphabet. Maybe I could be a writer.

Hubert Selby Jr.

i am interested in letters

especially their shape.

here’s twenty six new shapes for you to try out.

i hope you like them.

chef's specials:

alphabetti spaghetti
bacon francis
cans of cantankerous cankers
donuts, coffee
edible fungus, inedible
green things growing
hidden in amidst the
interstitial salad course
juniper berries laced with
ketamine and
letters laced with
not another drug poem, i hear them say, oh no
oh yes, right you are, it's drugs for breakfast
(porridge and poppers) drugs for dinner
qualuudes and a cup of earl grey
riotous, ruinous freedom of
speech, speed for supper
time for tea
upside down and underwater
vivisection section
(weird erection), weed predictably
xanax palindromically
yoghurt in my locker
zero fucks in my zero teens