plastic sex life on a stick

plastic surgery

the dis mem bered rem nants of national geographic
issue 2018.06
planet or plastic

my art is not available 
as a keyring
or a mug
or a tshirt
or a hoodie
or a coffee table
or a book

my art is not available as a thing

this world already has enough 

my art is 
scrawled in sharpie 
on schoolbooks, daydreaming
on busstops, bored

on stickers 
on lampposts
on stickers on walls

on silicone dildos
and buttplugs
and thongs

on grinders
and clippers 
and zippos
and bongs

on skateboards
on skin
in ink 
and in thoughts 

and in dust 
with a finger
on the back doors 
of a filthy ford transit panel van

my art 
is trash